Common Bad Air Filter Problems


Suffering from poor air quality inside your car?

You’re probably feeling it in the air — that something’s not right every time you turn on the car’s AC or heat.

But what are the most common bad air filter problems? We’ll tell you the 4 problems you should be on the lookout (or nose out) for now!

If any of these are happening with your car, it’s a red flag! Time for a cabin air filter replacement.

So, read on to find out the most common bad air filter problems.

#1 Musky, mildew smell

The most common sign of a car cabin air filter problem is when it starts smelling funky.

It’s an uncomfortable smell, like a wet dog on a sunny day. It lingers and makes you, your family, and your friends want to open windows instead of using the AC.

To make sure it’s the air filter and not the seats, you should clean your car and see if the smell goes away. If not, it’s time for a car air filter replacement.

And getting a replacement isn’t as tricky as you think. In fact, you can order your brand new car air filter online.

#2 Sneezing after turning on the cabin air filter

You start the engine, take the car out of the driveway, then start your commute. It’s a hot day, so you decide to turn on the AC.

Then, after a few minutes, the sneezing starts. That’s your body fighting back against the pollen, dust or even pollutants coming from a bad air filter.

You’ve probably guessed that it’s not healthy at all for your lungs. That’s why if you have hayfever or bronchitis, you should be especially careful and get a cabin filter replacement.

And if you, a loved one, or a friend is a smoker who frequently travels with you in the car, you should pay extra care to the car air filter. It’s a safety issue, for the good of your lungs!

#3 You have to crank up the air to the max

Turning the AC or heat to medium doesn’t do a thing. You only start feeling the chill or warmth when you crank it to the max.

That’s a sign of a bad cabin air filter: it’s clogged up and the air’s not passing through due to debris. If you notice that you need to turn the air to the max for comfort, you should probably check your cabin air filter.

And you’d better do it quickly: a clogged air filter puts extra strain on your car’s HVAC system, meaning it can break down more easily.

You’ll see yourself going to the car dealership for a big problem that could be avoided with a simple car air filter replacement.

So, check out an air filter that’s custom-made for your car now!

#4 Poor flow of air out of the ventilation system in your car

A clogged cabin air filter not only obstructs the flow of fresh air, it also becomes a source of contamination and fungi and mold starts building up due to the moisture in the system.
Additionally, a clogged cabin air filter forces the blower motor to work harder to push the air through which can cause longer term damage to the air blower

When to change your cabin air filter?

The answer is easy: whenever you face any of the 4 problems above!

Yet, it’s better to change your car filter before any of these issues happen. And you can do that by replacing your car air filter twice a year, once after the pollen season and ahead of the summer, another after the fall and dry leafs season, ahead of the winter. The hot summers and cold winters are when a proper ventilation system is vital.

Keep in mind that replacing the cabin air filters is less about the mileage driven between replacements, it is rather related to the amount of time we spend in our cars. Driven few miles on a dusty road or during pollen season can clog the filter sooner than driving hundreds of mile on an open road with clean air

What is the car cabin air filter replacement cost?

If you buy and do it yourself, you save 50-80 dollars. In fact, you can get a premium new cabin air filter for around $20!

It’s far less expensive than the allergy medicine you’d buy to reduce symptoms from a mildew-infested air filter, cheaper than costly AC repairs, and a small price to pay for the health of your lungs.

For every cabin air filter you buy at PureFlow, we donate a dollar to the American Lung Association.

So, check out our cabin air filters now.

Find your filter today!


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