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Auto air fresheners concept is designed to scent the interior of your vehicle, masking bad odors. Consumers have a wide variety of products and car scents to choose from. Beside choosing which car fragrance to buy, it is important to consider the delivery method, life span as well as the look and feel of the interior of your car in general and the dashboard in particular 

When choosing the best air freshener for your vehicle be sure to consider key questions like does it block your view, does it clutter the dashboard, does diffuse the scent evenly throughout the vehicle, and which is the longest lasting car air freshener.

Scented Cardboards are the first type of car air fresheners. It was invented by Canadian born chemist Julius Sämann in 1952 in upstate New York. The idea came about when a milk truck driver complained to him about the smell of spilled milk. Sämann filed a patent for paper impregnated with “odor-destroying, air-perfuming substances,”. He designed the product in a tree shape.

Scented carboard considered one of the cheapest air freshener for car due to its short life span and inexpensive manufacturing process. Although, it is offered in a wide assortment of shapes and fragrances, it is common to hang such product on the rearview mirror cluttering the front view inside the car.

Vent Clip Air Freshener

Vent Clip Air Fresheners are as common as scented cardboards. The clip Is attached to a housing with capsules of scented gel or liquid. As the name implies, this product us clipped onto the air vent and spread scent in the direction the air blows when the AC system is turned on. Just like the cardboard product, vent clips are easy to fit, however most product have limited life span of 30 day or less. 

Gel Containers are another product type that is the designed to scent your vehicles. Most products are offered in a resealable container with an adjustable led to adjust the intensity of smell. These are made to fit into a cup-holder. Probably this is the least comment type of air fresheners due to placement constrainers in the vehicle. 

Visor Wrap is a scented material that attaches to the car visor. Often is made with cardboard, felt or wood. It gives a simi-discreet option that does not block the front view. However its ability to diffuse scent across the vehicle is quite limited and it has a limited life span lasting up to 30 days.

Sprays are the oldest and quickest form to scenting a vehicle. These are similar to the air fresheners used at home, it is considered car perfume. It is easy to spray and target a specific area like carpets or seating, however it scents for short duration.

Cabin Filter Element: Cabin air filters are essential in providing clean breathe air inside the vehicle. It filters pollution, pollen, dust and mold before entering the vehicle. It’s recommended to replace the cabin air filter once or twice a year to ensure clean, breathable air. 

In 2020 PUREFLOW® invented and introduced the first cabin filter air freshener element. It is made with an advanced slow-release technology to ensure long-lasting aroma for up to 90 days, which makes it one of the longest lasting car air freshener. As the air blows through the cabin air filter, the air freshener element defuses a balanced scent through the cold and warmer months. PUREFLOW's air fresheners are also crafted with a unique composite containing natural and recycled ingredients.

PUREFLOW’s patented Air Freshener is designed to perfectly fit on the cabin air filter’s pleats. It snaps directly onto the cabin air filter. As soon as you turn-on your car’s cooling or heating system, the air freshener starts diffusing a balanced, natural scent. Out of sight, it evenly distributes fresh, purer scented air throughout the whole vehicle.

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